Does Having a Family Pet Benefit Children?

Family Pet

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Animal fans have long insisted against dismissive partners that getting a pet will be great for the family, however they may possibly not have truly believed it! However, recent surveys have indicated that the family pet can offer great rewards for youngsters growing up in the house. The advantages of a household pet go beyond a pet that youngsters can bond with. Let’s have a look at four of the most basic ways having a family bet can help your young ones.

Comfortable With Animals

We all know children, and even some adults, that are terrified of all kinds of animals. This could be cats, dogs or even hamsters. Unfortunately, this generally occurs in two instances. Either the child has been hurt by an animal or the child has not ever owned a family pet. Children that have an irrational fear of animals grow up in an environment surrounded by what they perceive as threats. Owning a family pet negates all this; children no longer view domestic animals as something to be unnecessarily fearful of.

Health Benefits

We live in an increasingly sterile world, and this has led to many studies that show that children are not being exposed to enough bacteria and stimulants that help shape their immune system in the formative years. Children that grow up with pets are exposed to far more allergens and bacteria, and as a result, are less likely to have allergies and will have a more robust immune system.

Teaches Responsibility

Owning a pet is not all about fun and games, although that is the most enjoyable element! Pets have requirements, including being fed, watered, cleaned and exercised. Giving children some of these tasks at a young age is a fantastic way of teaching them about their own responsibilities. Learning about responsibility is fundamental to a child’s mental development, and owning a family pet is a subtle yet incredibly effective way of doing this.

Creates Bonds and Friendship

A family pet can often start to become less of a pet and more of a member of the family. For children, this can be tremendously rewarding. Many children bond fiercely with their pets and view them as a close friend. Pets offer comfort when we are sad, a listening ear when we are angry, and companionship when we are lonely. Even in death, pets can teach a child about grief and how to deal with it. For this reason, owning a family pet can be hugely beneficial in shaping a child’s development.