Four Ideas for Keeping Active Toddlers Busy


Image from Iconfinder

Virtually any parent having an active toddler in the home can confirm that, without having a plan constantly in place to be able to make them busy, it’s challenging to get anything done in the house! Active toddlers demand such a great deal our attention that it may be a challenge to keep over the rest of the duties that need our attention. Keeping that in mind, listed here are 4 simple methods to keep your active toddler busy.


Painting, colouring or drawing can all be fantastically engaging for toddlers, but it is often something that parents shy away from doing at home. Just because your toddler cannot paint anything that resembles a picture, the simple act of putting colours on paper is a brilliant achievement for them. Put on some old clothes, spread the paper out far and wide, and encourage your toddler to paint whatever they want. You’d be surprised just how rewarding they might find it!


Cleaning and tidying can be very exciting for toddlers. They have no concept of work, so why not put them to good use! Ask your toddler to collect all his toys and put them in the toy box. What about giving him a bowl of water and asking him to wash a selection of toys? Perhaps you could ask him to wash his vegetables in a bowl of water before making dinner? If your toddler thinks they are helping, and they are doing something with their hands, they will be more than likely happy to go along with whatever you suggest!


Puzzles can be brilliant for active toddlers. Simple games like sorting toys by colour can keep your toddler busy for some time, and is a fantastic learning tool for them. As they get older, this can progress to puzzle based games like jigsaws or letters and numbers games. By cultivating an interest in puzzles at a young age, you will reap the rewards as your child gets older.


Most children are fascinated by fridge magnets. If you are really stuck for an activity to keep your toddler busy, why not ask them to move all the fridge magnets from the fridge to the washing machine? Tell them they can rearrange the magnets whatever way they want in their new home. This simple activity can easily entertain a toddler for 20 minutes as they go back and forth between the two machines.