Going To The Beach? – Toys to keep the kids occupied


Fun at the beach

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If you want to see instant smiles from your kids just suggest that you load up for a trip to the beach.
Yet, it is far from being simple and easy to keep your youngsters occupied and everyone having a great fun time. Fortunately, here are a couple of inexpensive toys which can certainly provide hours if not years of fun. The next time you travel to the beach with the kids, check that you have packed the following 5 toys. Your children will have a fun time, and also they will reward you with fantastic conduct on the ride home after this memorable day.


A plastic bucket and shovel

Aside from promoting fine motor skills and creativity, a simple shovel and bucket is just downright fun to play with at the beach. You as an adult may even find yourself getting involved in a sand castle making contest. The bucket also comes in handy for carrying all of the neat little shells and rocks your child will pick up on the beach.

A Frisbee or disc golf set

The original flying disc was popularized by the Wham-O toy company in the 1960s. The Frisbee became so universally possible that the toy’s name is used to describe all flying discs. Whether you purchase a Frisbee or some other brand, this simple throwing toy can keep your children occupied for hours.

There are any number of games you can create and play with this inexpensive toy. You can also purchase a disc golf set, which includes portable targets. There are foldable cloth discs with multicolored patterns and designs available as well.

Rubber horseshoe game

Another inexpensive and fun beach toy for your children lets then emulate the adults in their life. Standard metal horseshoes can be too heavy and dangerous for your children. But there are several children’s rubber horseshoe sets which are kid tested and approved. They come in brightly colored combinations, and are not the most commonly seen beach toy. Because of this your children will get a lot of attention from other kids at the beach, which is sure to make your children the hit of the summer time fun.

Go fly a kite

A recent Amazon search showed that children’s kites can be purchased for as little as $1 each. Flying kites is a timeless activity which gives you time to bond with your children. Aside from keeping your children occupied and happy for hours, kite flying also promotes individuality and creativity when you let your children paint and draw their own designs on their kites.

Any super soaker or water blaster

It used to be that a water pistol held about a thimble-full of liquid, and was a cheap, plastic toy you could hold in the palm of your hand. But now there are inexpensive super soakers and water blasters which can shoot water over 25 feet. They also hold plenty of water, and can provide hours of wet and wild summertime fun.

Don’t forget the sunscreen and a big beach blanket. Include lots of bottled water to keep you and your kids hydrated. And bring plenty of towels. Add the 5 toys we just covered above, and your attention starved children will keep happily occupied so you can enjoy your own fun in the sun as well.