Having Too Many Toys Can It Harm Your Child?

too many toyss

lots and lots of toys

Having a never-ending manufacture of toys marketed at inexpensive prices and competitive marketing out of the toy industry, moms and dads these days end up buying a growing number of toys for their youngsters. Some do it to help make their children feel happy, others to offer their young children something entertaining to try and do at home, although some buy heaps of toys in order to avoid their youngster from feeling ignored when other kids bring over their endless selection of toys and games during play days. While none of them can be viewed as as bad motives, research now demonstrates buying lots of toys for your child really does more damage than good.

You find yourself paying out lots of money and then have the toys…

Strip Your Child’s Creativity

Kids are very inquisitive at a young age. They want to see, touch, and explore everything they come by just to figure out how it works. It’s through this exploration that they develop their imagination and creativity. But when surrounded with too many toys, kids become overwhelmed and over stimulated, making it impossible for them to concentrate on any one thing long enough to learn from it. This in turn strips away chances of developing their imagination. Having fewer toys, on the other hand, allows for increased depth of play that enhances imagination. At the same time, it encourages kids to turn to their surroundings for entertainment – and that’s when they start inventing games and use their imaginations in their playing.

Ruin His/Her Concentration Span

With countless options to choose from, your child will never learn how to pour his/her concentration on one toy at a time. If a certain toy is difficult to figure out, the kid will simply toss it aside and reach for another option. As a result, your child will not get to learn the perseverance, patience, and determination needed to tackle tough situations.

Keep Your Kid from Developing Good Social Skills

A child who has many play items will spend all of his spare time with the toys. However, when the toys are few, the child will get bored with them quickly and therefore turn his attention to the people around. This helps the child develop good interpersonal skills with the kids and adults around him.

Cause Arguments

Many parents believe that having numerous toys will result in less fighting among siblings and friends who come over for play dates. The contrary, however, is what happens in most cases. Many toys create conflicts that cause kids to fight over what they believe are the best toys in the pile. With fewer toys, kids are forced to share and even work together in figuring how to play with the available options.

These are just some of the negatives of giving your child too many toys. A child who has more than enough toys can easily become spoiled, will naturally take less care of them, will be less likely to be involved in physical activities, and may fail to develop a resourceful nature. The solution to avoiding these issues is a simple as keeping the number of toys at a minimum. By so doing, you encourage your child to explore and learn from the surroundings as well as develop good social and life skills.