Looking to Save Money on Toys Here Are The Essentials for Your Toddler

Toys for Toddlers

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Are you looking to save money on toddler toy purchases this year? We know that every parent would want to get all the toys and gifts his or her children could want. Yet this is not financially possible. So in deciding between all the many types of toys available, exactly what are the money-saving basics for your toddler? Lets begin by understanding what precisely is taking place at this period of your child’s personal development.

Toddlers are defined as young children who are just beginning to walk. This usually means kids between the ages of 1 and 3. This is a very important time for social, cognitive, physical and emotional development. So you want to focus on those toys which help advance your child in these areas.

Building Blocks are Versatile Developmental Boosters

Simple toy building blocks with different numbers, shapes, colors and sizes can provide an inexpensive but fun playtime activity. They are sturdy and last for years, make for a very minimal investment on your part, and can be used in a number of ways. They promote fine motor skill development, shape, color and number recognition and memory, as well as independence and creativity.

A beach toy combination of pail and shovel can be enjoyed at the sandbox, the beach or just about anywhere. This is another budget friendly choice that has multiple developmental benefits for your toddler, and social ones as well.

Balls Are the Perfect Low-Budget Toddler Toy

Balls of any shape or size prove more challenging for your child to manipulate than stationary blocks. When your child follows the movement of the ball with their eyes, it may seem like a simple task. However, this visual tracking in toddler’s teaches both eye-hand coordination and visual acuity. Your little one learns to coordinate her body movements with the actions and movements of the things she sees.

Chasing after a ball also develops spatial awareness. Your child has to quickly calculate how far away the ball is, how fast it is moving and where her body is in relation to it.

Stacking Cups Improve Seriation – What Is That and Why Is It Important?

Stacking cup sets make inexpensive toy purchases. You can even simply use plastic cups from your cupboard if they are stackable. Your toddler’s math and science skills get an early head start at development when he begins stacking in different patterns and groups. This teaches size relationships, and even the effect of gravity on structures.

Stacking, whether with blocks or cups, also improves your toddler’s understanding of seriation. That is just a big word for putting things in their proper order. And playing with inexpensive water toys of all kinds will have your child giggling and laughing, while fine motor skills, dexterity and coordination are all boosted.