Six Best Products for Teething Babies

Teething Baby
Your little one may go through irritation and pain when teething. It might take days, or perhaps weeks, before a tooth enters the picture once it starts to grow. Your infant will often develop their first tooth when he is 5 to 7 months old. Your little one could encounter problems around 1 year with the growth and development of molars. Once your little one is 3 years old all “milk teeth” are generally present

This means teething problems can be an ongoing issue for young children.

Fortunately, there are some excellent products which alleviate the pain and unsettling experience of growing teeth for babies. Stock up on the following 6 products for teething babies and both you and your child will minimize the negative impact of this necessary time of life.

1 – Teething rings – These are possibly the most common baby teething products. Their design encompasses many form factors. Texture, size, shape and appearance can be wildly different. Some can be filled with water and placed in the refrigerator for chilling relief.

2 – Baby Orajel – This product is actually the top brand recommended by pediatricians for relief of teething pain. Baby Orajel Naturals delivers the soothing power of chamomile, while offering an entirely homeopathic formula which is free of parabens, benzocaine and belladonna.

3 – Teething toys – Teething toys provide two functions. Like teething rings, they can be chewed on as your baby’s teeth grow in. This provides pain relief and much needed distraction for your child. Teething toys can also be played with like any regular toy, when your child is not experiencing any teething pain.

4 – Teething necklaces – Type “teething necklace” into the Amazon search engine and you receive more than 1,500 results. That illustrates just how many different types of teething necklaces are available. As with teething rings, they come in all sizes, shapes and textures.

5 – Frozen liquid treats – WebMD recommends frozen ice treats to help relieve the pain that teething babies experience. They point out that you may have to help your child place the frozen treat on the point where the tooth is emerging.

6 – Chewy foods such as bananas or bagels, after freezing them. These can provide extended teething pain relief. Just make sure your child is supervised while she eats them, and be sure to give her small enough pieces that she can swallow. (Only recommended for babies older than 8 or 9 months of age)