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Making Packed Lunch More Exciting for Your Kids

healthy packed lunch
Looking for a comfortable balance between healthy food choices as well as an interesting lunch can certainly be challenging, particularly when preparing a lunch for your children. Yes, mothers and fathers we would like to make certain that our youngsters are receiving all of the nutrition they require, however it is not at all times an easy task to balance that requirement for nutrition with something yummy that young children will really wish to eat. Firstly, let’s look at the basic ingredients within a healthy, balanced packed lunch.

1. Starchy food – bread, pasta, rice etc.
2. Dairy item – cheese, yoghurt, milk
3. Protein – meat, beans, eggs etc.
4. Fruit or Veg – take your pick
5. Drink – non sugary drink

That is the basics of any balanced packed lunch, and there’s no avoiding it. Does that sound like something that would get your child excited? Unlikely! So, in order to create excitement, while still maintaining the nutritional content, what can you do?
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