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Bribing and Rewarding Children Is There Really A Difference

bribe or reward

Is it?

Many parents struggle with the concept of rewarding children, but not bribing them. In both cases, the child gets a treat of some kind for their good behaviour. So what’s the difference? Although it may seem like there is little difference between the two acts, there is a clear contrast between the two actions.

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Developing kids

Toys and Their Role in Development of Children




Toys play an important role in your child’s development and so their importance cannot be understated. A great deal of lifetime benefits, which can have a lifetime of uses, is the reward for actively playing with toys growing up. Immediate benefits include cardio fitness and self-reliance. Other long-term added benefits such as working comfortably as a team member towards a common goal is usually traced straight back to playing with toys as a child. Let us take a greater depth of a look at the role of toys in child development, and find out the great importance of play

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