Robot Kits Can Benefit Your Child’s Development

Robot Kits for Your Child

Image from Wikimedia Commons

When I say robots for many people visions of science fiction movies from the 50s and 60s might spring to mind. However in the 1970s and 80s robot kits for children grew to become very popular. Skip ahead to today more than 30 years later and you can now purchase inexpensive robot building kits online which benefit your child in so many different developmental areas. Let’s look at how even the most simple and inexpensive robot kits help increase your child’s development and build their self-esteem.

Fine motor skills are improved

A term which is widely used, but not always understood, fine motor skills are concerned with small muscle movements, usually referring to hands and fingers in coordination with the eyes. Simple and extravagant robot kits for children both promote fine motor skill development and manual dexterity. Developing fine motor skills at a young age helps your child grasp a pencil, crayon or pen, and aids in other important life tasks as they grow older.

Working as part of the team

There is a good chance that you or some other adult are going to have to help your child with their robot kit. Depending on the size of the kit you buy, this could also include one or more of your child’s siblings. Effective teamwork benefits so many areas of your child’s life, now and well into the future. Building a robot kit with you or his brothers and sisters teaches your child the importance and efficiency of working with a team towards a common goal.

Cognitive skills are boosted

Cognitive functioning refers to the brain’s ability to process thoughts and solve problems. While all robot kits will come with instructions, your child’s cognitive skills and analytical abilities receive a boost nonetheless. As your child reads the instructions, starts building and begins to understand how the robot works, brain wave activity is boosted. This “thinking in 3 dimensions” ability is important to instill in children as early as possible.

Cause and effect

Children do not always understand how something happens. They flip a switch and a light turns on. But robotic kits show that the following of a process creates a result. Cause and effect is at play in the social and working world every day. By understanding that their actions (building a robot toy) create an intended result (a walking, crawling, talking, or flying toy), your children develop powerful self-esteem and belief in self, while understanding that correct actions can create favorable results.