Ways to Encourage Your Child to Make Friends

For many years research shows that parents can certainly help their young children connect with others by practicing certain behaviors. Research also shows when moms and dads are regularly active in the lives of their young children, kids are usually more well-rounded and social. The reason being people mimic and embrace the behavior they see close to them, particularly in their early life. Your sons or daughters need strong conversational, social and emotional management skills to nurture quality friendships. The following hints help your children create those abilities and make friends easily.

Friend-making needs to be a conversation

Talk to your child about making friends. Really listen to them. Look at their life through their eyes. Ask lots of open-ended questions. Remember your thoughts at their age. You may discover some revealing information you can use to help make your child’s friendship-making efforts a success.

Don’t be pushy

All kids develop at their own rate. Your child may need help fostering friendships, but don’t push too hard. Be involved, but don’t overdo it. Let your child know that you appreciate her opinion. Tell her to communicate to you when she feels you are overstepping your bounds regarding her friendships.

Have a meet-and-greet

Invite the parents of your child’s classmates’ into your home. Have them bring your child’s schoolmates. When parents get along in front of their children, kids are more likely to bond friendships. You can set up a specific day every couple of weeks or once a month to meet new prospective friends for your child. Knowing the parents of your kid’s classmates offers plenty of benefits for you, and might just mean you make some new friends as well.

Teach pro-social behavior

The most popular children at any age are good at pro-social involvement. Your child will find plenty of friendship offers heading her way if she is sharing, helpful, caring and giving. The best way to instill these behaviors is to practice them yourself. Another way to encourage pro-social behavior is to join charitable organizations with your children.

Help your children find a club or organization they want to join

Talk with your child. Find out if there are any specific hobbies or pastimes she would like to try out. There are plenty of after-school groups and activities for children to choose from in most cities. If there aren’t any options that appeal to your kids, why not help them start an organization or club of their own?