Ways to Recycle Toys Your Children No Longer Want

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Be Green – Do The Right Thing

If you happen to be similar to most of today’s parents who buy their small children more toys than they could ever want to spend playtime with in a young life, then chances are you discover a huge pile of tossed away and long forgotten toys each year when you’re cleaning the home. Since throwing out those used toys isn’t a wise course of action, the easiest method to get rid of the toys is to discover a method to recycle them. But exactly how can you set about recycling toys? Well, here are some tips that can assist you clean out those unwanted playthings properly.


Give Away the Toys

As kids get older, their interests in everything including toys shift. Toys that were once dearly loved are set aside and replaced with something more challenging, fun, or funkier. And with a new toy craze hitting the market every so often, the situation is made even worse resulting in a mountain of semi-used good quality toys left in the wake. One of the best ways to recycle such toys is to give them away to a friend, family member, work colleague, or neighbor whose kids are younger than yours are. The younger kids are more likely to find the toys fun and entertaining. Well, that is until they too advance in years and move on to another toy.

Find a Charity That Accepts Used Toys

If you cannot find a younger child to give the toys to, donating the toys should be your next line of action. From charity shops and children’s charity organizations, to childcare centers and shelters, the options are many when it comes to donating toys. There are even several nonprofit organizations, which have created a forum for the exchange of used toys where you can give and receive toys for free. So, finding a charity near you or one that you like should be easy.

Sell the Old Toys

If you’re dealing with high quality toys that cost you a large sum of money, you can recover some of your investment by selling the toys. This recycling option however is only applicable if the toys you want to sell are in good condition. The good news, however, is that the options are many if you wish to sell those toys that your children no longer want. You could hold a garage sale right in the comfort of your home or sell the toys to a consignment shop. Alternatively, there is the option of hiring the services of the different companies that offer second-hand toys sale. These kinds of companies allow you to book a table at a fee.

Box Up the Favorites

Everyone (including adults) has a toy or two they simply cannot part with even if it’s no longer used. So, round up your personal favorites as well as those of your kids and box them up to be used by the next generation. By storing usable toys, your future grandchildren will have something fun to play with that offers a bunch of good memories that money can’t ever buy.
Recycling toys not only helps you free up the clutter in your home but is also good for the environment. Statistics show that millions of toys are thrown away each year and a huge pile of which ends up in a landfill site somewhere. Starting the cycle of recycling toys can help minimize the amount of pollution caused by disposed toys. Therefore, do your part and put the above tips into action when dealing with functional toys that are no longer used by your children.