Your Child Should Learn How to Swim – Here’s Why

learn to awim

Do you find yourself frightened of pools, lakes, oceans as well as other large bodies of water simply because you are not a good swimmer? Perhaps you have no concern about water whatsoever, but don’t dwell in a region ideal for swimming. In any event, you might not think it is important for your children to know how to swim. The exact opposite is in fact true, with more than just safety as among the benefits of your child acquiring this special physical skill.

When your child learns to swim, her ability in the water could save her life. Unfortunately, the National Safe Kids Campaign reports that drowning is the 2nd leading cause of injury related death to children up to 14 years of age. And those deaths are absolutely unavoidable. So for safety reasons alone, your child should be taught how to swim as early as possible.

Swimming is a great low impact sport and exercise as well. Have you ever seen any fat professional swimmers? That is because many physical fitness experts consider swimming to be the perfect all-around exercise. In water your child’s body is 90% buoyant. So teaching your kids to swim provides them with an excellent low impact form of exercise they can practice and benefit from their entire lives.

Your child can also learn teamwork as well as individual independence simply by learning to swim. Swim teams and local swimming clubs teach your child how to socialize and interact with others. But swimming can also be a great way for your child to express himself individually. This can happen through swimming competitions or simply when you take your kids to the local pool or swimming hole.

There is also the fact that most pediatricians recommend children learn how to swim before the age of 4. This helps your child develop physically while honing fine motor skills and developing strong respiratory health. Children grow and mature rapidly, and their body development can profit greatly from this low impact form of exercise that is just downright fun.

Uniquely, swimming is a skill which is almost never forgotten. If you learn how to swim at 3 years of age, you will still remember how to swim as a senior citizen. There are swimming events and competitions for everyone from toddlers to those 100 years of age, swimming promotes heart and lung health and improves strength and flexibility, and even rewards the swimmer with excellent posture and balance. Get your kids swimming today, for a lifetime of benefits.