Baby Wearing – an Introduction

baby wearing

Right from slings to wraps and pouches to mei tais, there are plenty more solutions created for “wearing” your infant than maybe you have imagined. Regardless if you are a first-time mom or perhaps a seasoned veteran with the pregnancy process, you might like to really know what choices are available for carrying your newborn for hands-free ease and comfort. These particular baby wearing alternatives provide comfort and support for you as well as your child, while permitting you hands-free mobility

Mei Tais

Manufacturers such as Mei Tai Baby, Kozy and Bambaroo make a wide variety of Mei Tai baby carriers. They offer front and back carrying models, can even be used with toddlers, and evenly distribute your child’s weight over both of your shoulders. This allows you to carry your child in such a way that is comfortable for both of you for long periods of time. They fasten easily with straps, but be careful not to purchase a canvas model if you are going to be using your Mei Tai in warm weather.


You will find baby wearing wraps in stretchable and woven materials. They are readily available in large retail stores, are made for all budget levels and can be surprisingly beautiful, with a wide variety of patterns to match your personality and clothing. Just remember that baby wearing wraps can get rather hot. So you may want to look for a loosely woven or linen wrap. Look for Girasol, Kokadi, Diva Milano and Storchenwiege manufacturers among others.

Pouches (Buckle Carriers)

Beco, Boba, Ergo and Kinderpack are just a few of the many manufacturers of baby wearing pouches. Just realize if you purchase one of these, which are now not as popular as years ago, they do not have adjustability. Once your child outgrows your pouch, it does make a perfect disposable diaper carrier, however.

Ring Slings

Sakura Bloom and Comfy Joey are a couple of ring sling manufacturers that offer plenty of options for this type of baby wearing carrier. You can also make your own with a quick “how to make a ring sling baby carrier” web search and a trip to your local fabric store. Only one layer covers your child so these are perfect for hot weather, and they are highly adjustable.

Remember that you should always be able to see your child’s face with a quick glance. This way you know her airway is not blocked. Keep your child’s knees above her rear end when wearing your baby, and avoid the bag sling and crotchdangler carriers (you will hear this term frequently when you become involved in the baby wearing community). Those 2 models have proven fatal in more than a few instances.