Five Simple Tips for New Dads to Bond With Their Baby

dad and new birth

Mothers have a very unique bond with their babies. From conceiving to birth children are raised within their mother’s womb. This special physiological connection just can’t be duplicated by any partner or father. But there are several smart ways for new dads to connect with their baby. The next 5 tips can help your newborn establish a a connection with Dad, strengthening the whole family unit along the way.

1 – Get Started Before Your Child Is Born

Studies show that when fathers-to-be sing and talk to their partner’s stomach, newborns have a better chance at recognizing Dad’s voice later on. So spend some time serenading and talking to your unborn child, developing a bond that will continue naturally after birth.

2 – Do Some Reading

There is a wealth of information out there about pregnancy, newborns and becoming a father. So start doing some research. You can strengthen the bond between you and your baby by simply learning everything there is to know about the pregnancy process, birth, newborns and toddlers.

3 – Be Supportive of the Mother-to-Be

Attend breast-feeding classes with the mother of your child. Go with her to appointments with her obstetrician. Support her desire to have an ultrasound. When you show that you are totally involved in the whole birth process, the mother of your baby will be much more likely to get you involved in the child raising process later on.

4 – Stop Worrying and Just Be Yourself

Look, if this is your first child, it is understandable that you might be freaking out. But you need to stop worrying about every little detail. Billions of children have been raised by men just like yourself. These men were uncertain, unsure, frightened and scared that they may do something wrong while raising their children.

You are not the first newborn’s father to be concerned about the enormity of the job at hand. Calm down, stop worrying and just be yourself to form a natural bond with your baby.

5 – Be a Part of the Feeding Process

Even when your child’s mother is breast-feeding your baby, you need to be involved. You also need to take over some of the highchair feeding sessions. These are precious times for bonding. Make eye contact, make noises, talk to your child and let her get to know your face in connection with meal time. Your child learns a lot more than just how to eat during the feeding process, and you need to be a part of it.