Five Products to Help Make Teething Easier for Your Baby

Babys First Tooth - teething

Babys First Tooth – teething

Some children will begin to “cut their teeth” as early as 3 months. Others may remain entirely toothless until they are 1 year old. There is no set schedule for tooth development. One thing remains tried and true regarding growing teeth, however. Your child is going to go through a teething stage.

A number of young children will start to “cut their teeth” around 3 months. Others may continue to be totally toothless until they’re 1 year old. There isn’t any set schedule for tooth growth. Something remains well known regarding growing teeth, however. Your little one will go through a teething stage.

1 – Teething Toys

A quick search for “teething toys” in your favorite search engine will reveal a seemingly endless supply of options. There are teething toys in every imaginable size, shape, color and texture. You will encounter plastic and silicone toys. Silicone teething toys are usually very thick. This keeps your child’s constant chewing from ripping and tearing them. Some plastic teethers are made so you can add liquid and cool the toy in your refrigerator for gum pain comfort.

2 – Chewable Necklace

A few innovative manufacturers have designed chewable necklaces for your teething baby. It works exactly as it sounds. Attractive necklaces also double as teethers for baby, with this convenient design meaning you are not constantly picking your child’s teething toy up off the floor.

3 – Teething Gel

Orajel makes a popular teething gel. There are other manufacturers as well. They reduce the sensitivity of your baby’s gums, and can be applied as frequently as needed. Since this is a localized pain treatment, you don’t run the risk of side effects by having to work through your child’s system to take effect.

4 – Combination Teether/Pacifier

This is a really neat product. Your child is already used to sucking on a pacifier. This special type of binky provides a larger surface area, specifically designed to match the contour of your child’s gums. It is also made out of more durable material than a standard pacifier.

5 – Teething Biscuits

You can find teething biscuits with a quick web search if you can’t locate them locally. They keep your child gnawing and chewing and are offered in several different flavors. Unlike normal biscuits, they don’t break apart while your child chews them. They slowly dissolve so as not to deliver a choking hazard. Gerber is a well-known and trusted manufacturer of baby toys and items, and they make a line of teething biscuits as well.