Seven Strategies for Keeping Your Kids’ Clutter Under Control

Kids Clutter


Managing kid clutter can be quite a constant disaster. Try as you might, you simply can not seem to prevent your home from appearing like a Toys “R” Us. Sometimes you’re taking care of toy clutter in a single room, when you hear the distinctive sound of kid clutter disturbing in another room. Maintaining your child’s toy and clothes clutter in order is not hard whenever you practice the up coming 7 strategies.

1 – Color code your storage system – Kids love bright, primary colors. Purchase or paint storage containers with different colors. Teach your child where certain clothes and toy types ago. Identifying those colors with particular items makes a fun matching game for kids.

2 – Develop a clean room reward system – Hide loose change under clothing and toys which are out of place. You can also reward a sticky star for each day your child’s room is clean by a specific time. When a certain number of stars has been achieved, present a reward.

3 – Establish cluttered room punishments and stick to them – This goes hand-in-hand with the previous kid clutter tip. Children crave guidance and order, even if they don’t act like they do. In this area and others you need to develop very clear expectations, and then stick to them.

4 – Make cleanup easy for your child – Place toy, game and clothes storage containers down where your child can reach them. The easier you make cleaning up for your kid, the more likely she is to clean up her own clutter.

5 – Make clean-up time a game – All children love games. So why not make cleaning up your child’s room a competitive contest? See which child can clean their room quicker. If you are the parent of a single child, challenge your little one to beat his or her previous room cleaning speed record.

6 – Place certain toys out of reach – Models, puzzles and Lego-type toys can have several parts and pieces. Place these up high on shelves where your child cannot reach them without asking. You can also store these out-of-the-way in a closet. Your child must prove to you that he can properly clean up after using these toys with 1 million pieces before he is allowed to use them again.

7 – Donate unused toys and clothes – This clutter killer also teaches goodwill, sharing, empathy and other wonderful lessons. Your child will value his toys and clothes much more when he is taught there are plenty of children less fortunate than he is.