Nine Ideas for Keeping Your Toddler Busy

Busy Toddler

Keeping your young child occupied is usually a full-time job. Children at that age are incredibly active and curiosity, they constantly try to be mentally and physically pushed. The thing is simply finding the time as well as mental energy to create unique ways in which to maintain your toddler happy and engaged. Try the up coming 9 ideas which can be guaranteed to keep the little one busy and you are going to boost important skills on the way.

1 – Get Some Shape Sorters

Shape sorting games can occupy your children for hours. Either make your own from craft materials or purchase ready-made shape sorting toys.

2 – Magnets for the Refrigerator

Refrigerator magnets improve so many skills. Your child learns to communicate and spell, sort by colors, shape and size, and you enjoy the peace and quiet from this “non-noisy” activity.

3 – Build a Fort

Simple sheets, blankets and furniture can transform your living room or your child’s bedroom into an exciting adventure. Kids can spend an entire day playing in a fort you help them customize themselves.

4 – Send Them on a Scavenger Hunt

This is great for so many reasons. Your toddler definitely keeps busy, and benefits from physical activity. Compile a photo scavenger hunt your child can access from his tablet, or simply hand write the scavenger hunt items on a piece of paper.

5 – Reward Cleanup Time

There are not too many kids that love cleaning up their room. So why not make it fun and rewarding? Hide snacks, loose change and other incentives throughout your child’s messy room. This is a great way to reward good behavior, while also keeping your child busy.

6 – Break Out the Coloring Book

The reason why simple coloring books and crayons have been around for centuries is simple. They keep kids occupied and creative for hours! Keep plenty of crayons, craft paper and coloring books around. They appeal to boys and girls, and can keep your kids busy all day.

7 – Let Them Make Their Own Book

This activity may eventually turn your toddler into the next J. K. Rowling. Take simple white pages from a notebook, or grab several sheets of colored construction paper. Fold them in half and staple them to create a blank book that your child can customize.

8 – Helping Out In the Kitchen

Let your child wash food to help you prepare dinner. Kids love water, and they are drawn to different colored, shaped and sized foods like tomatoes, celery, apples and other produce. Provide your child a large bowl of water and understand that you are going to lose some food to over-aggressive washing.

9 – Put Your Kids on Cleaning Duty

You will be surprised at just what you can get your children to do when you give them a chance to be in control. Armed with a duster or rag and the assignment to find all the dust in the house, your little one can spend a lot of time locating real and imaginary debris.