Top 7 Back to School Organization Tips for Parents

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Image from Pixabay via UzbekIL

Becoming organized for that back-to-school time of year can be quite a serious task. You’ve got school supply lists to stick to, as well as your youngsters’ anxiousness, love or benevolence about returning to school causes them to be either helpful or otherwise. Exactlty what can you do in order to make this tough time each and every year an effortless and seamless process? Follow these 7 back to school organization tips listed below, and you might actually look ahead to the end of summer vacation each and every year.

1 – Download an Organizational App

Smartphone applications like Timeful, Checkmark 2 and Ringya are just a few of the helpful organizing applications that can ease your mental pain and strain this time of year. They offer to do lists, reminders and other settings that help your back to school organization, and unlike you, they never forget what or when to do or be somewhere.

2 – Snap a Pic

You know those pesky school supply lists your children always have this time of year? Take a picture of them with your smartphone and you can easily access them the next time you are out shopping.

3 – Create a Specific Homework Location

When your child handles homework at the same location every time, studies show he is more effective at retaining that knowledge. This also makes organization easy, since he does not have to remember where he left his homework assignment.

4 – Make Freezable Meals Now

You have enough on your plate during this crazy time already. So why not make mealtime a snap? Make bulk quantities of meals and stock your freezer, so lunch and dinner don’t steal unnecessary minutes and hours from you during this time-sensitive season.

5 – Schedule a Classmate Meet and Greet

This one will make life so much easier for everyone. And the parents of your child’s classmates will think you are the most organized parent of all time. Arrange a meet up with your children’s classmates at a playground, mall, or favorite pizza place. Talk to the other parents about ride shares and carpooling, and other organizational needs.

6 – Clean Out Your Car

When your children attack your vehicle with coats, backpacks, school books and art projects, your car becomes a mess quickly. Give the interior of your vehicle a serious cleaning before the start of the school year. Then do the same every month or so after little Sally and Johnny are back in school.

7 – Help Your Kids Preselect Outfits

Kids who learn organization early on make better grades and earn more money in their lifetime than disorganized children, according to research. Get your child accustomed to pre-selecting outfits for each day of school. Then place them on hangers with labels for the days of the week. Do this on Sunday and the entire week’s “what am I going to wear” problems disappear.