Playing Dress Up – How It Helps In Your Child’s Development

Dress Up means FUN time

Fun times playing dress up

Your little one’s growth from tot to tween, teenager and grownup starts at a very young age. And it seems to be that little ones are conventional hardwired to take pleasure from dress-up play. Therefore it shouldn’t come to your ears, as “breaking news” that playing dress-up can help your child’s important development in so many areas. Why don’t we look at a couple of important advantages that your youngsters receive when they dress as their favorite movie, TV and real-life characters and heroes.

Imagination and creativity are sparked

Artists and performers may never regain the incredible imagination and creative energy that they had as children. Children should have free reign to harness and express these early abilities. The first steps of brain development and learning in the areas of creativity and imaginative thinking are given a great boost when you encourage dress-up play.

Your child develops confidence

Confidence and self-esteem are extremely important as an adult. As you know the world can move pretty quickly, and you have to make confident decisions rapidly each and every day. When you promote confidence in your child’s self-expression that is evidenced through the costumes and outfits she wears, you help her become secure with who she is as a human being. This self-belief makes them realize they have the ability to be anyone or anything that they desire.

Dress-up play teaches communication skills

Whether your child is wearing a store-bought Halloween costume or creates a simple outfit, communication skills benefit. Dress-up activities often lead to story-based play. This drives home the importance of effectively communicating the character and mindset of the person that your child is dressing up as. Successful communicative development opens a lot of doors for your children when they hit adulthood.

It is just plain fun, and that’s beneficial

The benefits of smiling and laughing have been common scientific knowledge for decades. When your child laughs and smiles, he feels more confident about his actions and who he is. When your little girl laughs at her poorly created outfit in a mirror, she is self confidently admitting mistakes. And dress-up playtime that is full of giggles and laughter is just downright enjoyable and fun to be around.

When your little girl wants to mimic your dress and behavior, encourage this desire. If your son wants to create a pirate costume, positively encourage his efforts. Dress-up play can stimulate so many creative and imaginative developmental skills which help make them a well-rounded and successful adult.