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Is Your Child Reading Every Day and How Much Should They Be Reading?

Daddy doing daily reading - behind

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Today you will find less and less teenagers who want to spend their leisure time with their head stuck in an interesting book. Because of so many distractions around them, it’s no coincidence that youngsters who enjoy reading while they get older are exactly the same children whose parents cultivated an appreciation of reading with them at a early age. Before considering just how much a youngster really should be reading, it is very important to fully grasp that reading is crucial for young children.
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Playing Dress Up – How It Helps In Your Child’s Development

Dress Up means FUN time

Fun times playing dress up

Your little one’s growth from tot to tween, teenager and grownup starts at a very young age. And it seems to be that little ones are conventional hardwired to take pleasure from dress-up play. Therefore it shouldn’t come to your ears, as “breaking news” that playing dress-up can help your child’s important development in so many areas. Why don’t we look at a couple of important advantages that your youngsters receive when they dress as their favorite movie, TV and real-life characters and heroes.
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