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4 Toys for Language Development of Babies

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Talking is just about the most important milestone in any child’s life. The reason being the majority of speech that youngsters develop in their first 3 years of life significantly influences their interpersonal, emotional, and cognitive development, as well as largely impacts later performance in education and critical thinking skills. Because of this, speech-language pathologists recommend parents to expose their children to as many words as possible and really encourage talking throughout this critical first 3 years so as to instill a good vocabulary in their child. One great way of carrying out that is by investing in the following language teaching baby toys. Continue reading

Five Simple Tips for New Dads to Bond With Their Baby

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Mothers have a very unique bond with their babies. From conceiving to birth children are raised within their mother’s womb. This special physiological connection just can’t be duplicated by any partner or father. But there are several smart ways for new dads to connect with their baby. The next 5 tips can help your newborn establish a a connection with Dad, strengthening the whole family unit along the way.
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