There Are Toys That’ll Get Your Kids off the Couch

Couch bound

kids on the couch

One of the largest challenges facing parents is to get their children away from the couch. Because there are many digital toys and tv programs, many parents find it difficult to motivate their young children to take part in active play that stimulates not only physical exercise, but also innovative play. If this describes your kids, then why don’t you try and introduce them to one of the following kinds of toys which will not only encourage them away from the couch, and may get them looking for much more!

Construction Toys

Construction based toys have long been a favorite of children young and old, and yet many children get out of the habit of playing with them. Give any toddler a set of building blocks and they will start stacking them up. So why is it that fewer and fewer children continue playing with construction type toys as they get older? The reality is that they usually aren’t encouraged to do so. LEGO is always a huge hit with children, particularly as parents can choose themed LEGO sets to match their child’s interests. However, any kind of construction based toys that ask children to think for themselves and use their imagination are wonderful tools to promote active play.

Exercise Toys

It sounds simple, but toys that promote exercise in children are becoming less and less popular. Children love exercise based toys, but this type of play generally needs to be parent led or parent supervised to really cultivate a love of the toy. Bicycles, skateboards, roller skates and trampolines are all wonderful toys for encouraging children to get up and active, but parents must take the lead in encouraging and promoting safe play.

Sports Toys

When is the last time you went outside with your child to kick a football, shoot some hoops or throw a baseball back and forth? Sporting toys are not only excellent for getting children off the couch, but they allow the child to develop skills that transfer to inclusive play with other children, both in school and with their friends. Encouraging your children to play sports helps them view challenges as something to be tackled and enjoyed, rather than something to shy away from.

Arts and Crafts

Whether it’s drawing with crayons, painting, playing with sand and water, or even baking in the kitchen with Mom, any kind of arts and crafts based play is a wonderful way to stimulate creativity and activity in children. Often, the desire to play with arts and crafts needs to be prompted by parents, but once the bug catches your children won’t be able to get enough of it. If your child has never expressed an interest in arts and crafts, you can start simple with basic coloring and work up to more advanced techniques.